Changelog - Recent Updates

Past & upcoming changes to Auto Forward SMS PRO For Android

Auto Forward SMS PRO For Android has been around since 2015, when we had a very basic version on Google Play. After tweaking the app, and starting to get some serious downloads, we started getting more feedback and suggestions from customers. So, we decided to get serious and make a robust app that would improve productivity and save time for our customers.

Below you'll find our updates from Feb 2019 onwards. Many of our features are thanks to our customers' suggestions, so if you have a request, we'd love to hear from you!

  • 31 APR 2021: Bugfixes and high volume plans! (Version 1.2.0)

  • 20 FEB 2021: Updating payment provider protocols. Please update ASAP!

  • 3 FEB 2021: Updated security protocols.

  • 26 DEC 2020: More bug fixes due to Android changes affecting some phone types.

  • 18 DEC 2020: Fixed another small bug which may have paused app in some phones.

  • 4 DEC 2020: Android 10 changes caused some phones to "pause" the app when the phone was locked, even when it was set to run in the background. This fix should keep the app 'awake'.

  • 15 OCT 2020: Bug fix with SIM ID in Fwd To URL not showing in some phones with Android 10.

    option to have SMS you send to be forwarded to an email address so you can keep a copy of these in email.

  • 7 SEP 2020: Fixed an intermittent bug in SAVE, plus a few small text tidy ups. Also increased verification code entry expiry time to 2 minutes.

  • 16 JUNE 2020: Fixed a couple of bugs, and made registration process more streamlined so now code will also be sent to your email when registering or re-installing on a new phone.

  • 4 JUNE 2020: We've been busy! New feature in Tasks to add subject line to forwarded SMS.
    NEW: PRO PLUS subscription: Allows up to 25,000 forwards per month
    NEW: in TASKS: Change Email Subject Line option
    Fresh home screen colours!
    Tidied up FWD TO URL section
    Also big news...we are working on a new CORPORATE version where 1 subscription will cover multiple phones

  • 4 APRIL 2020: We decided to remove the reminder emails as they were not a great experience for our customers

  • 26-28 MARCH 2020: Bug fixes: startService crash on certain phones, updated escape character list;
    Added 'trial ends in 24 hours' email, plus an alert email if an SMS arrives and you haven't yet subscribed after the trial has ended.

  • 25 FEB 2020: Option for case sensitive in keywords filter. DONE!

  • DEC 2019: Added What's New screen in Direct version which loads when app updates.

  • DEC 2019: Fixed bug in older phones (Android 4s). Fixed bug with some date formats in some phones.

  • NOV 2019: Added feature for identifying 1 SIM card for phones with double SIM. This feature can be removed in RAW option.

  • OCT 2019: Improved POST to URL to enable automatic retries. Added toggle switch to enable or disable this feature.

  • SEP 2019: Fixed a few bugs and spelling errors!

  • AUG 2019: Launched Direct version so customers in all countries could use app.

  • MAY 2019: Launched Amazon version & changed email delivery from SendGrid to Amazon SES.

  • FEB 2019: We removed app from Google Play.

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